Teaching Style




Every Teacher at APPLAUD is an expert in the field. They Teach, Contribute, Research the effective use of educational technology, suggest new methods to improve/increase grasp of students. This increases theoretical knowledge and Practical knowledge of Student.


Best Teaching Aids

Innovative methods, Practical and Systematic approach, Methodical way of teaching are some of the latest and innovative aids that we will use to make Teaching a very Interesting and innovative field. Learning would never be the same. It will be more Technological , advanced and very helpful for Student's Career.


Important Aspects

Theoretical knowledge will be passť. Every Subject, Every Area of study has some practical use in the industry, People fail to recognize and value it. At APPLAUD our teachers, understand this important aspect and try to blend it into an inseparable combination which offers student a practical application as well as theoretical application.



Teachers at APPLAUD are accessible to students around the clock. Learning should not be hampered by constraints of time. Teachers are there to help students in studies, research, and other related skills. Students have an opportunity to review and give feedback of teachers. This system will not only help raise our level of education but also help students in realizing their true Potential.

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All our Courses are Recognized by CCS University, Meerut* and Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.



*Affiliation in process

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